Smartsheet Exit


That’s a wrap, #

what an adventure!

10 years ago #

I proposed a half-cooked solution to a then-stranger Bruce Stronge.

If the model worked, I’d need a sustainable partner - accepting many risks to succeed.
It’d need to be easier than anything before and work at global enterprise scale - impossible!
Yet it did, it was; and here we are. Everything we dreamed happened, and now it’s done.

From meeting business partners, then VC’s, to the eventual pitch and sale of Outfit. It’s been a long journey and all kinds of work on all fronts of business and technology.

Mission accomplished #

As of this month, my saga has come to a close.

My duty of care to what was once an idea is now over.
I no longer need to be the caretaker for customers, colleagues, and the technology that made it all real. It’s all in safe hands.

Staying on are a brilliant team of talented and dedicated people. Friends that I’m truly humbled chose to align their careers with this path we carved together.
Thanks to the custodianship of Smartsheet, there’s a very promising future ahead.
I’m so proud of everyone who shared in all the ups and downs, battling to get us to where we are today.
I'm excited to cheer you on and see what’s next.

I’d like to acknowledge Smartsheet's leadership for their strategic acquisition of Outfit. You’re at the vanguard of undeniable ROI for your customers. When they speed up production, they speed up an entire business. Thank you, congratulations, and good luck harnessing this absolute magic to full potential.

What's next? #

I’ve decided to get back to the core of what I love doing.
Audacious and ambitious challenges with lots of moving pieces to master.

The success of Outfit is now locked away. I’m finally open to new opportunities where I can immerse myself, do justice to good work, and innovate once more.