A work in progress — both in design, and content

Let's start with the basics, my surname is Fitzsimon
Here's the family coat of arms (devoid of fancy heraldry)

Born in Australia to 6th generation immigrants, I'm yet to visit the ancestral home of Dublin.
I am fortunate to have both lived and travelled extensively across asia europe and the americas.

timeline #

1980's technology = the future #

1990's laptop at school #

2000's non-stop party #

2010's real life begins #

Having lived and worked overseas for several years, I proposed to my Australian sweetheart and made plans to return home.

2020's we've only just begun #

what next? #

My Daugher Olive, My son Alby are both learning and growing more every day.

A lot has changed since I started this journey. We're not all living in lawnmowerman style virtual reality networks - but we are closer than ever.

I can't wait. Maybe I should get some exercise.